50 Cent doesn't have to share 'I Get Money' money with Georgia rapper, appeals court decides

Score one for 50.

A federal appeals court ruled a Georgia rapper who wanted to get money for 50 Cent's hit "I Get Money" doesn't have a case.

Tyrone Simmons, who uses the rap name Young Caliber, says he purchased the beat to the song for $600 from a music producer named William (Apex) Stanberry in 2006 — and that Stanberry later sold the same beat to 50 Cent, who used it for his double platinum smash.

Simmons said that wasn't fair, because he was technically the owner of the beat at that point, and that he should be entitled to a piece of the action.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's decision dismissing the suit on a technicality — that Simmons' claims were too old by the time he filed suit in 2010.

A lawyer for Fitty said the ruling "vindicated" his client.

The attorney, David Leichtman of Robins Kaplan, said Simmons "had claimed that he was the owner of the underlying beat of the track, but the appeals court affirmed an earlier ruling that the plaintiff had waited too long to raise his complaint."

A lawyer for Simmons did not immediately return a call for comment.

New York Daily News, January 15, 2016 (Dareh Gregorian)

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