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GrayZone, Inc. was founded in 1995 by its Chief Executive Officer Dorothy Sherman. Dorothy believed that a cost-effective investigative, paralegal and internet technology research practice of the highest quality could be established in a creative and stimulating environment. Dorothy is a graduate of Oakland University, New York University and Naropa Institute of Arts. She previously worked at MTV Networks and Home Box Office in legal and business affairs.

In 2003, Douglas Kassem joined the team and currently serves as President and Chief Operating Officer. Doug, a graduate of Columbia University, is GrayZone's cutting edge IT scientist and all around "Mission Impossible" problem solver.

GrayZone specializes in high-tech Internet investigations involving bootleg, counterfeit, and pirated product. In the early days, GrayZone was dubbed the "bootbusters" of the entertainment industry.

Our clients include record labels, music publishers, computer software companies, law firms, investigative agencies, recording artists, producers and fashion designers. GrayZone has fostered long-term and amicable relationships with leading Internet Service Providers, international anti-piracy agencies, and popular websites, which enables us to remove infringing product on a moment's notice.

Two basic principles have guided our company throughout its -year history. First and foremost, we are committed to providing our clients with services of the highest quality with the utmost integrity. Second, to attract and retain our clients, we are committed to providing services on a cost-effective basis. Our commitment to both of these principles led us to reject the fast-growing, high-leverage and media hungry investigative firm model long before it became fashionable to do so, and to create a company distinguished by its international reputation, a thriving and interesting practice, and the diverse backgrounds and achievements of its employees.

GrayZone prides itself on forcefully and ethically representing our clients' interests, while striving to be creative and efficient. We were a pioneer in high-tech, cutting edge Internet investigations long before the advent of websites, when the Internet was nothing more than a blinking cursor on the computer screen. Through the years, we've witnessed and embraced new technologies and challenges, from torrent sites and file hosting services, to cloud-based computing and social media, to streaming video and YouTube. Whatever the future may hold, we're committed to helping our clients navigate the changing online landscape, addressing any potential pitfalls with innovative solutions while recognizing new opportunities. We specialize in alternative dispute resolution in a discreet and low profile manner, and we are proud of the reputation we have achieved for providing high quality services on a cost-efficient basis.

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Dorothy Sherman, CEO
Douglas Kassem, President

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