RIAA Anti-Piracy Seizure Information

September 2003

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On September 16, 2003 the Pine Bluff Arkansas Police Department, with the assistance from the RIAA, executed a search warrant at a retail store. Recovered from the scene were 1,198 pirate CD-Rs. Additionally, one of the store's owners was arrested. The second owner is still at large. The music confiscated was urban genre.



September 14, 2003 - Investigators from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Dept. conducted a sweep of El Gran Mercado Swap Meet, Phoenix, AZ. Deputies assisted by investigators from the RIAA arrested seven vendors and cited nine others, all on violation of AZ State True Name and Address violation. Approximately 14,500 unauthorized pirate and counterfeit Compact discs were seized by officers.



September 5, 2003 - Officers from the Bakersfield Police Department, assisted by investigators from the RIAA conducted seizure actions involving illegal street vendors. Three suspects were taken into custody while an additional seven citations were issued at the scene. Approximately 3,600 unauthorized pirate and counterfeit compact discs were seized.

September 1 - September 13, 2003 - As part of an ongoing program targeted at area street vendors, officers from three LAPD area stations with investigators from the RIAA, conducted sweeps of Van Nuys, Alvarado Corridor and Venice Boardwalk Beach locations. Four vendors were arrested and taken into custody and 11 citations were issued. Approximately 11,800 unauthorized pirate and counterfeit compact discs were seized.

September 25, 2003 - Following a complaint from Thumb Records, officers from the Pomona Police Department attended the Los Angeles County Fair. One vendor was arrested in possession of 2,398 suspected counterfeit and pirate cd's. The suspect was arrested and taken to the station for processing. He was released upon posting of $25,000.00 bond.

September 27, 2003 - Following a complaint from Disa Records, officers from the Los Angeles Police department assisted by Investigators from the RIAA, arrested one female in the area of Laurel Canyon and Van Nuys Blvds. The suspect was offering for sale unauthorized cd's of various Latin Artists. Officers seized 1,873 cd's.



September 25, 2003 - The RIAA assisted the Hartford Connecticut Police Department on an enforcement action at four retail stores resulting in four arrests and the seizure of 747 counterfeit cd-rs.



September 19, 2003 - Officials from the Adams County Sheriff's Office, assisted by investigators from the RIAA, arrested two street vendors. The first vendor was located outside a liquor store and had approximately 300 piratical CDs seized from her. The second vendor was located outside a Sonoco gas station with approximately 1,000 piratical cds and 240 cassettes seized. All of the music seized was Latin genre.



September 13, 2003 - The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Economic Crimes Unit arrested five suspects after they were found to be selling counterfeit CD-Rs and movies at the Pecan Park Flea Market. Approximately 4,500 CD-Rs were seized, 25% of the product consisted of Latin repertoire and 75% was found to be urban music.

On September 20, 2003, the following enforcement action was conducted by the City of Miami Police Department, with assistance from the RIAA:

  1. A total of 1,247 counterfeit CD-Rs were seized from two booths at the 36th Street Flea Market. Two suspects were arrested and charged. The bulk of the product seized consisted of Latin repertoire.
  2. The City of Miami Police Department assisted by the RIAA, seized 1,207 from two flea market vendors in the Miami area. Both individuals were arrested. The genre of music seized was 100% Latin.
  3. The Metro Dade Police Department, assisted by the RIAA, seized 587 counterfeit/pirated cd's from a street vendor in Miami. The genre of music seized was 100% Latin.
  4. The Metro-Dade Police Department with assistance from the RIAA, seized a total of 580 counterfeit cd-rs from a vendor in front of the China Buffet Restaurant in Miami, Florida. One male suspect was arrested and charged. The product seized was 100% Latin music.

September 24, 2003 - The City of Miami Police department with members from the RIAA, seized 185 pirate and counterfeit CD-Rs and cassettes being sold in plain view at the Caribbean Delight Restaurant in Miami, Florida. One female suspect was arrested and charged. The CD-Rs and cassettes consisted of 25% Latin and 75% urban repertoire.

September 26, 2003 - The City of Miami Police Department assisted by the RIAA, seized approximately 15,000 counterfeit CD-R's, 1,000 counterfeit cassette tapes, 10 burners @ 52 X speed, shrink-wrap material, photocopier and counterfeit inserts from a warehouse being used as a manufacturing plant. Three individuals were arrested. The genre of music seized was 100% Latin.



September 9, 2003 - The FBI executed a search warrant at a CD-R manufacturing location in Doraville, GA which resulted in the seizure of approximately 3,600 counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs, 18 CD-R burners, 1 Rimage printer and approximately 3,000 counterfeit labels. The product was Latin music.

September 11, 2003 - Voluntary surrenders were conducted from four street vendors in Atlanta with a total of 1,155 counterfeit/pirate CD-Rs were surrendered.

September 15, 2003 - The Putnam County SO advised that during a routine traffic stop, officers observed suspect CD-Rs. Subsequent inquiry determined the product was counterfeit. The driver was arrested and 114 counterfeit/pirate CD-Rs were seized.



September 12, 2003 - An RIAA Investigative consultant received a request for assistance from Officer Johnson of the Baltimore City Police Department. Officer Johnson had just arrested a suspect at Woodlawn Shopping Center with a large quantity of counterfeit cd's. The RIAA investigativor assisted with the count and obtained custody of 756 counterfeit cds. All were CD-R format/urban genre. Based upon the RIAA's investigator's observations, a search warrant was prepared and the defendant's apartment was r aided. An additional 1,112 counterfeit cd's were found. In addition, a lab set-up for making counterfeit media was found containing: one Dell CPU, one Dell Laptop, one computer scanner, one digital audio CD recorder, one HP printer, one Brother label maker, one large envelope filled with numerous home manufactured cd labels, 179 empty jewel boxes and 53 blank CD-R's. All of the items were seized by law enforcement.

September 19, 2003 - While on crime suppression duty in the Southeast District in Baltimore, MD, an officer observed a suspect selling counterfeit cd's out of the back of his car. A search incident to arrest revealed 329 counterfeit cds (100% urban/CD-R format), a stun gun and a storage facility receipt. A warrant was obtained and executed on the storage facility where another 115 counterfeit cd's were found along with a stolen handgun.

September 20, 2003 - While on special detail at the Towson Commons Festival in MD, Detective Wayne Jedlowski observed a subject set up at a table selling counterfeit CD's. The suspect was arrested and charged. A second individual who was with the defendant escaped into the crowd. Over 209 counterfeit CD's were seized. All were Urban Genre/CD-R Format.

September 22, 2003 - An officer observed a male suspect selling counterfeit CD's out of the trunk of his car. The suspect was arrested and charged accordingly. A search incident to arrest revealed 111 counterfeit cd's. All were CD-R format/urban genre.

September 26, 2003 - An RIAA investigative consultant received a phone call from Detective Hagey of the Baltimore City Police, in reference to a stop made involving counterfeit sound recordings. Proper charging information was given and a total of 192 counterfeit cd's were seized from the suspect who was selling them out of the rear of his vehicle at the Amoco Gas Station. All were urban genre/CD-R format. Special note: As a result of multiple cases in the Baltimore, MD area, $15,906 was collected in re stitution with one defendant receiving two years and three months jail sentence in connection to possession of a handgun.

September 29, 2003 - An individual was sentenced for criminal music copyright infringement. Alan Davis was ordered to serve six months in jail. The U.S. Department of Justice reported that Davis owned and operated a web site, www.empirerecords.com and illegally offered more than 100 music compilations of rap and rhythm and blues artists for sale on cd-rs and cassettes.


September 15, 2003 - A suspect at the Black Jamaican Festival voluntarily surrendered 5,760 counterfeit CD-Rs to the Indianapolis Police Department.

September 16, 2003 - One suspect selling piratical CD-Rs at a festival in Chicago, IL was arrested by the Chicago Police Department. As a result, 1,968 CD-Rs were seized. This individual is also the subject of two cases in New York City.

September 22, 2003 - An outside vendor at the Swap-O-Rama (Alsip location) voluntarily surrendered 1,000 piratical CD-Rs and 800 piratical cassettes to the Cooks Country Sheriff's Department.



On September 12, 2003, a defendant was sentenced to one year of probation and ordered to pay the RIAA restitution in the amount of $5,000.00.

On September 23, 2003, the Indianapolis Police Department, executed a search warrant and recovered 1,023 piratical CD-Rs. No arrests at this time.

On September 23, 2003 two suspects were arrested selling piratical CD-Rs by the Indianapolis Police Department at the Black Expo held in Indianapolis, Indiana. 6,000 pieces were seized from the defendant's booth.

On September 28, 2003, a suspect was arrested by the Indianapolis Police Department as a result of a plain view seizure. Recovered were 3,893 Latin CD-Rs and 602 Latin cassettes.



September 3, 2003 - The Kansas City PD advised that plain view seizures were conducted against three street vendors resulting in the seizure of 1200 pirate and Latin music CD-Rs. All three vendors were arrested.

September 25, 2003 - Officers of the Kansas City PD intercepted a shipment of counterfeit CD-Rs from New York destined to a local distributor. A total of 100 CD-Rs were seized.


New Jersey

September 5, 2003 - Atlantic City, NJ Police along with area law enforcement agencies executed thirteen search warrants at retail and vendor locations. Members of the RIAA assisted police along with a representative of the MPAA and investigators from the clothing industry. One suspect was arrested and 1,320 counterfeit/pirated CD's and 220 cassette tapes were seized.


New York

September 8, 2003 - The RIAA assisted the NYPD's Organized Crime Investigations Unit (OCID) in the execution of a search warrant at a manufacturing location in the Bronx. This action resulted in the arrest of one individual and the seizure of 1,000 counterfeit/piratical CD-Rs, 14- 24 (x) Speed CD-R burners and 1,500 labels were also seized. The genre of the music was 100% Urban.

September 8, 2003 - The RIAA assisted the NYPD's OCID in the execution of a search warrant resulting in the seizure of 7,600 counterfeit/piratical CD-Rs. No arrest was made at this location. The genre was 90% urban/10% latin music.

September 8, 2003 - The NYPD responded to a call regarding a knife fight. Upon arrival, the officers apprehended four individuals attempting to flee. Further investigation revealed that they were operating an illegal audio and video distribution center inside the location. The officers contacted the RIAA who responded and assisted in the identification and seizure of over 60,371 counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs.

September 9, 2003 - A search warrant was executed and as a result, four males were arrested and charged. Seized from this location were 60,371 counterfeit cd's with the music genre 30% latin, 30% urban contemporary, 10% country and 30% pop.

On September 10, 2003 the RIAA assisted the NYPD's OCID Unit in the execution of a search warrant in NYC resulting in one arrest and the seizure of 10,000 counterfeit/piratical CD-Rs. The genre of music was 90% urban and 10% latin.

September 11, 2003 - Members of the 84th Pct. NYPD conducted enforcement at two retail locations. At the first location, one arrest was made and 1,000 counterfeit and 1,000 pirated CD-Rs were seized. At the second location, one arrest was made and 4,500 pirated CD-Rs were seized. The music genre was 100% urban.

September 22, 2003 - A search warrant was executed by the 34th Pct with the assistance of RIAA which resulted in one arrest and seizure of 7,200 Latin CD-Rs. This location was a distribution location in Upper Manhattan and was supplying street vendors in the Manhattan & the Bronx areas. The genre was 100% Latin.

September 23, 2003 - The RIAA assisted the US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force in the execution of a federal search warrant at Midnight Records resulting in the seizure of 1,500 bootleg CD-Rs, two computers, five boxes of business records and the arrest pursuant to a federal arrest warrant. In addition, the website, "www.midnightrecords.com", was preserved, pending search warrants for the site. Agencies that participated in this warrant included the NYPD, Secret Service, US Postal and the IRS . Recording Industry Association of America, Washington, D.C. Headquarters.

September 26, 2003 - Members of the NYPD 84th Precinct, assisted by the RIAA conducted follow-up enforcement of retail locations. As a result one arrest was made and approximately 1000 pirated CD's were seized. The music genre was 100% Urban.

September 26, 2003 - At a retail location, a purchase of a counterfeit CD was made and the seller was arrested. Seized by the PD were 1,200 Counterfeit/Pirated CD's and the music genre was again 100% Urban.

September 27, 2003 - Members of the RIAA assisted Nassau County PD with enforcement actions within the Green Acres Flea Market. This action resulted in the arrest of five suspects and the seizure of 6,725 counterfeit/pirated compact discs.


North Carolina

September 24, 2003 - Officers of the Duplin County SO arrested five vendors selling illicit product at the Wallace Flea Market and seized 7,068 counterfeit/pirate CD-Rs and approximately 3,500 DVDs.

September 25, 2003 - A raid was conducted at the Wallace Stockyard Flea Market in Wallace, NC, resulting in the arrest of five individuals. During this raid a number of individuals fled and others were captured while attempting to flee. Much of the product that was seized was left abandoned and thus unattributable to exact individuals. A total seizure of 7,068 pirated CD's and approximately 3,500 DVD's were confiscated and placed into evidence under the control of the Duplin County Sheriff's Office. In addition to the CD's and DVD's seized, numerous items such as counterfeit handbags, belts, scarves and hats were left abandoned as well and were seized. Boxes of sunglasses and cell phone accessories were seized. Numerous tables and several tents were also confiscated.



September 18, 2003 - Members of the Arlington Police Dept. in Arlington, TX assisted by RIAA Investigators executed a search warrant at Dream House Music. Officers seized 263 pirate CD-Rs, 29 masters and one CD-R tower containing 3 -16X CD-R burners. The entire inventory seized was of the Urban Contemporary genre.

On September 24, 2003, members of the Houston Police Department and representatives of the RIAA conducted a buy/bust on a female suspect in Houston, TX. Officers seized 253 Latin music and she was placed under arrest.



September 15, 2003 - Detective Aponte seized 118 Pirate CD-Rs from a vendor. The defendant was charged with a felony as well as misdemeanors, trespassing and no peddler's license.

September 22, 2003 - A defendant plead guilty to an amended misdemeanor charge and received six months suspended sentence, a $2,000 fine and one year unsupervised probation.


Dominican Republic

On September 4, 2003, Adoprofono, assisted by the RIAA, seized 6,900 counterfeit CD's in Santa Domingo, DR. Two individuals were arrested during this raid. The genre of music was 100% Latin.

On September 6, 2003, Adoprofono, assisted by the RIAA, seized 6,460 counterfeit CD-Rs and 900 cassette tapes, all of the Latin genre.

On September 20, 2003, Adoprofono, assisted by the RIAA, seized 3,800 counterfeit CD-Rs and 1,700 cassettes as well as 3,000 CD labels. The CD-Rs seized consisted of Latin repertoire.


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