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Global Content Protection, Music Piracy and DMCA Takedowns | Film, Software and Book Piracy, Counterfeit Products, Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, Worldwide Rights Enforcement

GrayZone specializes in high-tech Internet investigations involving bootleg, counterfeit, and pirated products. We provide premier content protection, brand protection and digital rights enforcement. The cornerstone of our organization is alternative dispute resolution in a discreet and low-profile manner.

Our clients include record labels, music publishers, computer software companies, law firms, investigative agencies, recording artists, producers, authors, publishers and fashion designers. GrayZone has fostered long-term and amicable relationships with leading Internet Service Providers, international anti-piracy agencies, and popular websites, which enables us to remove infringing products at a moment’s notice.

GrayZone prides itself on forcefully and ethically representing our clients’ interests while striving to be creative and efficient.

Read The Story Of GrayZone to learn how we helped shape the anti-piracy industry into what it is today.

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GrayZone is:

  • The longest operating anti-piracy firm in the business.
  • On the job 24/7, including all holidays.
  • An effective “search and destroy” service that combines custom online search algorithms with manual review and analysis by piracy experts.
  • Professional, discreet, knowledgeable and efficient.
  • Fan-friendly and sensitive to public relations and promotional efforts.

GrayZone offers:

  • A team of technical and legal professionals with many years of anti-piracy experience.
  • 24/7 monitoring of file-sharing sites, torrent sites, streaming services, search engines, blogs, forums, newsgroups and social networking sites to locate infringing material.
  • A large network of anti-piracy resources for quick and effective removal of illicit files.
  • The benefit of our strong relationships with many file-sharing sites, torrent sites, video sites, ISPs and others, which gives us “backdoor access” to remove infringing product immediately with no wait time.
  • Quiet and seamless removal of infringing products.
  • Extensive forensic evidence for use in court cases, when necessary.
  • Specially tailored programs to suit your specific needs and budget, with no job too large or too small. Our clients range from individual artists, publishers, fashion designers and copyright holders to major record labels and music distributors.
  • Status reports on an as-needed basis, in addition to weekly and monthly status reports.
  • A 24-hour client portal for reviewing takedowns and status reports.

Our Anti-Piracy Services

GrayZone provides research, removal and reporting of pirated products, counterfeits and copyright infringement to the music industry, film industry, book publishers, software companies and other trademark or copyright holders.

We specialize in alternative dispute resolution in a discreet and low-profile manner, seamlessly integrating with your company’s daily operations. Learn more about our anti-piracy services >>

The GrayZone Difference

We have been on the frontlines from the very beginning. Before anyone else, we realized the opportunities and challenges faced with the growing online community and knew that digital downloads would be the way of the future. In our 26+ years in business, we’ve built a large network of partnerships with international law enforcement agencies, website owners, Internet service providers and experts in computer technology and anti-piracy.

While GrayZone stays on top of all technological advancements that can impact online piracy and copyright matters, we choose by design to maintain a low profile on the Internet. Unlike our competitors, you won’t find us tweeting or otherwise trumpeting our connections, affiliations and conquests. We recognize the delicacy and sensitivity required to protect intellectual property while not threatening promotional efforts or jeopardizing public goodwill.

We can provide you with a declassified list of file-sharing websites and other online entities with which we have an ongoing relationship. These valuable partnerships, built upon many years of mutual trust, allow us to quickly remove infringing material without the normal wait times. We are the fastest at achieving results when it comes to removing pirated material, keeping the problem from spreading further. When it comes to downloadable or illegally streaming material online, time is of the essence!

Douglas Kassem
President and CEO
GrayZone, Inc.

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