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Read previously posted articles regarding anti-piracy efforts around the world and recent developments and discussions relating to piracy, copyright infringement and trademark issues.

Anti-Piracy, Copyright and Trademark News


EU countries support Google and Facebook copyright reforms | Prince’s estate wins case against bootleg label, awarded $7 million | Eminem’s publisher sues Spotify streaming service for copyright infringement


50 Cent doesn’t have to share royalties for ‘I Get Money’ * Hoverboards with counterfeit batteries seized in New York * Sen. Ted Cruz sued for using artist’s music in presidential campaign * Madonna and producer win ‘Vogue’ sample copyright battle  * Open Music Initiative launched to solve media rights issues * Music companies win MP3tunes copyright case


3-D printing and copyright issues * Angelina Jolie wins In the Land of Blood and Honey copyright case * Hollywood studios win Hotwire lawsuit * Global piracy uses one-quarter of world’s bandwidth * Can the NFL use photos without permission? * Photographer wins $1.2 million case for having their photos grabbed off the web


Taylor Swift ‘Players and Haters’ copyright lawsuit dropped * Amazon, Netflix and Hollywood studios sue paid subscription service * Music Modernization Act is law * Australian gamer sued; helps players cheat


Taylor Swift tries to trademark lyric * Dancing Sharks from Katy Perry’s super bowl show get cease-and-desist * Grooveshark streaming site shuttered * Justin Bieber and Usher lose copyright infringement lawsuit * Chinese counterfeiters living large in California * Ice cream seller sued by Mister Softee for using trademarked jingle * Eagles settle lawsuit


LimeWire hit with RIAA lawsuit for copyright infringement | European Union extends copyright protection from 50 to 70 years | Rising revenues for digital music in 2012 – Spotify, Deezer and iTunes | IFPI’s Pro-Music website provides information about legal music sites


Hacker demands ransom for stolen ‘Orange is the New Black’ new season | The Eagles Sue Hotel California | Monkey owns the copyright to his selfie, says PETA | HBO cracks down on Game of Thrones pirates


Online piracy fight between artists and tech industry * Hollywood studios sue Megaupload * Copyright cases against Google Books, Aereo and Vimeo * Pandora sued by music companies for golden oldies royalties * Beastie Boys wins $1.7 million Monster Energy copyright case * TV broadcasters win copyright case against Aereo * Class action lawsuit filed against GM and Ford over cars’ hard drives

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