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Miley Cyrus Settles $300 Million Copyright Infringement Case

Miley Cyrus has reached a settlement for a copyright infringement claim that was asking for $300 million in compensation. Reuters reported that the singer-songwriter’s label and legal team and Jamaican songwriter Michael May (a.k.a. Flourgon) reached this agreement after May claimed that her 2013 single, “We Can’t Stop,” sounded surprisingly like his 1988 track, “We Run Things.”

RCA Records, Sony Music, the song’s writers and producers, and Cyrus manager Larry Rudolph, were also named in the 2018 infringement lawsuit. The pop star’s lyrics “We run things / Things don’t run we”) were alleged to be very similar to May’s (“We run things / Things no run we”). In the lawsuit, May didn’t just ask for payment. He reportedly asked that “We Can’t Stop” was prohibited by the courts from being performed or distributed. He claimed that without his original track, Cyrus’s song would not have had the same impact.

Details of the settlement were not specified.

((Teen Vogue – January 4, 2020 – De Elizabeth)

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