Copyright Infringement

Snoop Dogg Posts Viral Video, Faces Copyright Lawsuit

FreedomNews.TV has accused Snoop Dogg of stealing and posting an “exact copy” of their video which shows a man falling to the ground while trying to scale the JPMorgan Chase Bank’s New York City headquarters. This incident in April was part of an organized demonstration by people who the New York Post described as being anti-capitalist.

The suit also claims that Snoop violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, sharing the alleged copyright-protected footage without crediting FreedomNews.TV. What’s more, the plaintiff states that the rapper removed the video’s copyright information and “purposely failed to include the video credit” that was included with the video. It is their contention that Snoop Dogg wanted the public to believe that he owned the video or had legally licensed it.

A similar type of lawsuit was filed by Integral Images earlier in the year, claiming that singer Dua Lipa posted a paparazzi photograph of herself at the airport on Instagram in 2019. The photo showed Lipa holding her passport and ticket as she waited in line, wearing an oversized hat. The photo agency asked the court for $150,000 in damages, plus the coverage of legal fees. They argued that Lipa used the photograph of herself without their permission and that she profited from that post, as she uses the Instagram social media platform as a monetization tool.

Complex – October 18, 2021 –Jose Martinez

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