IFPI Offers $10,000 Reward in Romanian Piracy Case

IFPI Press Release, August 11, 1998

The stakes moved up in the fight against music piracy in Romania, when IFPI today announced a Reward of US$10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of one or more of the attackers of Sorin Golea, the Sony licensee in Romania.

On 10 July, Sorin Golea was beaten and threatened with a gun by 2 assailants. Golea sustained a broken nose and 2 lost teeth, and required hospital treatment as a result of the attack. The incident came just a day after Mr. Golea had filed a complaint with the Romanian Copyright Office about the sale of pirate cassettes of the “World Cup 1998” album, and the two incidents are, therefore, thought to be linked.

If the attack on Mr Golea was designed to try to prevent further action against piracy, it has had the opposite effect, putting piracy in Romania firmly in spotlight. IFPI, as the international organisation representing over 1,300 record companies worldwide, has deplored the attack, and has called on the Romanian Authorities to take immediate and strong action against piracy. In order to assist the Authorities in this, IFPI has offered the reward of US$10,000.

Romania’s legitimate music market, worth some US$16 million in 1997, is still massively underdeveloped. The market has been severely hampered by excessively high piracy levels, estimated at about 90% of the total market. Despite this, local and international record companies are starting to invest in Romania to try to develop the market. Not only are these companies suffering because of piracy – the Romanian Government is also losing out in terms of unpaid taxes.

Speaking about the incident, Iain Grant, IFPI’s Head of Enforcement said “This attack was clearly linked to Sorin Golea’s complaint against music piracy. IFPI has been fighting piracy throughout the world, and our message to anyone producing music illegally in Romania is that we are now watching more closely than ever. We urge the Romanian Government to act quickly to stamp out piracy – and they will then see the benefits which a thriving legitimate music market can bring to the local economy and local culture.

“IFPI will work closely with the Police to ensure that the attackers are caught. And I hope that the reward means this happens sooner rather than later.”

For further information contact:
Catrin Hughes, Director of Communications
IFPI Tel: 011 (44) 171 878 7900/02

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