U.S. Busts – April 2005

RIAA Anti-Piracy Seizure Information

Illinois | Michigan | Washington, D.C.


April 22, 2005 – Chicago Police arrested an individual who was selling counterfeit CDs which were displayed on a blanket on the sidewalk. At the time of arrest, police seized approximately 300 illegal Latin CDs. RIAA investigators responded to the police station, examined the evidence, interviewed the suspect and signed complaints. The suspect stated he obtained the CDs from the Swap O Rama Flea Market. Two Chicago street vendors were arrested after police assisted by RIAA investigators conducted a plain view seizure at a local Currency Exchange. After a tip from a confidential informant, several undercover buys were made at the location before police were contacted. Both vendors were charged with a misdemeanor. 104 counterfeit CD-Rs were seized. Local police arrested a Chicago man after a routine traffic stop was affected and officers found illegal CDs and movie DVDs in his vehicle. The suspect was stopped for a traffic violation and failed to produce a valid driver’s license and insurance. The suspect was asked to step out of the vehicle and during an inventory search, officers found 260 illegal CDs and 120 movie DVDs. The suspect’s vehicle was impounded and he was transported to the 25th District for processing. RIAA investigators responded to the station to confirm evidence and sign complaints.


April 2005 – Local police arrested a Michigan man after a search warrant was served at his place of business. Following an anonymous tip, RIAA investigative consultants conducted an investigation on a Detroit car wash allegedly selling counterfeit/pirate CD-Rs. Investigators made several undercover buys from the car wash and informed the Detroit Police Dept. of the illegal activity. 530 counterfeit/pirate CD-Rs, 389 counterfeit movie DVDs, one 8-tower CD/DVD duplicator, and 600 empty jewel cases were confiscated from the car wash.

April 2005 – A Michigan man was convicted and sentenced to 24 months probation and ordered to pay $3,134.04 restitution to the RIAA. The defendant was arrested on 2/11/2005 for selling and possessing 196 illegal CD-Rs.

Washington, D.C.

April 2005 – A known distributor in Washington, D.C. was arrested after the Metro DC Police Dept., assisted by RIAA investigators conducted a plain view seizure and confiscated 123 counterfeit CD-Rs and 140 DVD movies. Before the arrest, RIAA investigators observed the distributor selling the CDs from his vehicle. The police were notified and responded to the scene. The suspect’s vehicle was also seized. The suspect has been arrested over five times for sound recording violations and has two felony matters pending with the D.C. Superior Court.

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