U.S. Busts – January 2005

RIAA Anti-Piracy Seizure Information

Delaware | Illinois | Maryland | New York | Ohio


In January 2005, The Wilmington Delaware Police Department arrested an individual and seized over 400 sound recordings. Subsequent to the arrest, illegal drugs and firearms were also confiscated. Trial is pending.


In January 2005, The Chicago Police Department, assisted by the RIAA investigators, conducted a year-long investigation of the distribution of counterfeit sound recordings in the Chicago area. Information obtained from a number of arrests identified the main distributor. A number of undercover buys from the target resulted in criminal actions at the MP Mall. The suspects initially eluded police by fleeing through an escape door into adjoining booths. Subsequently, the suspects were identified through a number of sources and arrested. Seized from the location were 2,260 sound recordings along with 1,865 DVDs, and a 45-caliber handgun. $4,760.00 in cash was also confiscated from the defendants. Both suspects were charged with felonies. MPAA also assisted with the warrant.


On January 10, 2005, an RIAA Investigative Consultant was on surveillance at a gas station in Landover, MD, which had been the source of several complaints of vendors selling illegal music. The RIAA’s IC contacted the P.G. County Police Department to notify them of the violators. The Officers responded and arrested two individuals. Seized from these individuals and their two vehicles were 2,369 counterfeit and piratical CD-Rs, along with 362 pirated DVDs.

New York

On Thursday, January 13, 2005, the New York Police Department’s 033 Precinct, assisted by the RIAA, executed a search warrant at 1306 St. Nicholas Avenue in Upper Manhattan. The illicit activity was taking place in the basement of a retail location, which was being used as a manufacturing and distribution point for unauthorized sound recordings on CD-R format. The police action resulted in the arrest of two individuals, who were charged with felony trademark offenses. Police seized 22,100 counterfeit/pirated CD-Rs . Also seized from the location were 16 CD burners (40x speeds) and 14 boxes of raw materials (labels, trays, and blank CD-Rs). The music seized was 100% Latin repertoire. The following is a list of artists on the unauthorized sound recording seized: Alejandro Fernandez, Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Juanes, Monchy & Alexandra, Luis Miguel and Antony Santos.


On January 1, 2005, the Cleveland Ohio Police Department responded to two domestic violence calls from a female, at the same residence. The officers arrived at the residence and were greeted by a male who stated the female had left the property. The officers stated they needed to check the premises to determine there was no law enforcement assistance needed. During the search of the premises, the officers observed and confiscated 9 burners, 686 jewel cases, one computer, 2 printers and 400 blank CD-Rs. An RIAA Investigative Consultant was contacted and examined the seized property and the male was arrested.

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