U.S. Busts – July 2003

RIAA Anti-Piracy Seizure Information

Colorado | Georgia | Mississippi | New York | Pennsylvania | Virginia | Dominican Republic


July 6, 2003 – Members of the Adams County Sheriffs Office arrested Mr. Jose Vasquez-Maciel for selling counterfeit CDs at the Mile High Flea Market in Henderson, CO. Officers seized 767 counterfeit CDs from Mr. Vasquez-Maciel. The entire inventory was of the Latin genre and contained artists such as Vicente Fernandez, Limite, Selena, and Los Tigres del Norte. It should be noted this is the second time Mr. Vasquez-Maciel was arrested for this offense.


July 25, 2003 – The Columbus Police observed a green Ford Aero Star van with the rear door opened in the parking lot of 4206 Macon Rd and it appeared there was an exchange of money for merchandise between a male and female. Agents spoke to subject who stated he had a business license and was selling CDs for $10.00 each. Agents observed music CDs, DVD movies, counterfeit clothing and accessories. Subject stated that he realized the merchandise was copied but did not feel that it was wrong to sell and that he had purchased the merchandise from a location in Atlanta which he refused to give an address. A total of 3,375 counterfeit CD-Rs were seized in plain view and subject was arrested and charged with GA 16-8-60. The three CD-Rs sent for examination to DRG are all counterfeit. The first CD-R is titled ” Ashanti Chapter II” by Ashanti, the second is titled “The Best of LeVert” by LeVert and the third, “James Brown 20 All-Time Greatest Hits” by James Brown. A declaration along with the three CD-s has been sent to Detective Copeland with the Columbus Police.

July 31, 2003 – The Atlanta Police Department advised that a street vendor was arrested for violation of the Georgia True Name & Address Statute. A total of 4,995 pirate/counterfeit CD-Rs were seized from him. Suspect had been previously given a C&D by RIAA in the company of police officers. Product seized was urban contemporary and Hip Hop music.


July 28, 2003 – A street vendor was arrested by the Clarksdale PD for violation of Mississippi anti-piracy statutes. A total of 835 counterfeit CD-Rs were seized at the time of his arrest.

New York

July 31, 2003 – Two search warrants were executed by the 034 Pct with the assistance of RIAA which resulted in one arrest and seizure of 7,300 Latin CDRs. Both locations were distribution locations and were supplying street vendors in the Upper Manhattan & Bronx areas. The genre was 100% Latin. The following is a list of artists /trademarks seized from this location: Bronco & Los Tigres Del Norte / Fonovisa, Juanes & Enrique Iglesias / Universal Latino, Alexandre Pires & Jose Jose / BMG Latin, Into cable & Thalia / EMI Latin, India & Gilberto Santa Rosa / Sony Discos and Mana / Warner Latina.

Location #1 NYO#031058 561 W. 180 st.# bmt no arrest – 3300 Latin CDRS seized; NYO#031398. Location #2 NYO#031400 564 W. 184 st #3FW one arrest – 4000 Latin CDRs seized; NYO#031069

On Thursday, July 31, 2003, members of this region assisted the NYPD 45th Precinct in the execution of a search warrant of a manufacturer at 345 Quincy Ave., in the Bronx. One arrest was effected and as a result, the below listed property was seized:

  1. 5 towers containing 41 24x burners
  2. 2 Computers w/monitors
  3. 2 Rimage Imprinters
  4. 2 Scanners
  5. 5600 CDR Blanks
  6. 800 Inserts
  7. 2300 Counterfeit CDR’s
  8. 2000 Pirated CDR’s

A sample listing of the artists copied were: Luther Vandross, Barry White, Mariah Carey, P.Diddy and 50 Cent; (NYO-031496).


July 25, 2003 – Philadelphia Police Officers: Parkinson and Davis assigned to the 16th Police District were on patrol in the area of 4500 Lancaster Ave. in the City of Philadelphia. The officers observed one subject offering for sale CDs. Upon further investigation, it was determined the CDs were counterfeit. The subject was placed under arrest. Confiscated were 161 counterfeit/ pirated CDs. I/C RS responded and examined the product. Examination reports were furnished to police. The evidence was submitted to I/C RS and transported to the Shurguard facility. A hearing date will be scheduled. PELP Value CD’s 161 x $ 17.00 = $ 2,737.00


July 27, 2003 – Detective Aponte from Norfolk PD observed an individual in the parking lot of the Military Circle Mall offering what he viewed to be unauthorized CDs from his SUV. The CDs ended up being Pirate mixes from “Joe Pro”. Subject was arrested and a search warrant was obtained for his residence. 665 Pirate CDs, a computer and a 2002 Cadillac Escalante were seized. Subject was charged with a felony 59.1-41.4, a misdemeanor 18.2-250.1, possession of marijuana, and 24-123, no peddler’s license. Norfolk PD has forwarded information on the origination of the CDs which were evidently manufactured in Dale City VA.

July 30, 2003 – Norfolk PD executed a search warrant at Music City, based on evidence found in another warrant. White was arrested in November 2002 for violations at Music City where over 11,000 unauthorized sound recordings were seized. The hearing is still pending in Norfolk Circuit court (WMR-020176 ). 1,235 Pirate CD-Rs and one computer (w/ burner) were seized. White was charged with a felony 59.1-41.4. Police report in hard file.

Dominican Republic

July 29, 2003 – Criminal raids were conducted in Santo Domingo resulting in the seizure of 8,000 pirate/counterfeit CD-Rs and cassettes and the confiscation of two CD-R burners. All the product seized was Latin music.

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