U.S. Busts – June 2008

RIAA Anti-Piracy Seizure Information

Alabama | California | Georgia | Maryland | New York | Texas


June 2008 – When officials with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation, they realized they were not dealing with a one-time, or two-time, not even 50-time repeat criminal. After searching the subject’s vehicle, officers found 900 CDRs and 1,100 DVDs. Officials later determined that the subject had previously been arrested 75 times with 37 convictions.


June 4, 2008 – Investigators from the RIAA Western Region were able to help clean out a retail store dirtying up the city. Investigators teamed up with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and executed a search warrant at the store. During the search, the owner was identified as participating in the illegal manufacturing and distribution of pirated merchandise. The subject was later detained by officials and placed under arrest. Inside the retail store, officials discovered that the owner was not only dirty, but organized as well. Each box was stacked with thousands of pirated CDs, all in alphabetical order. Each box had a sign printed as a polite reminder to any other manufacturer to “Please keep in ABC order (it’s so much easier.)” Investigators were able to assist the L.A. Sheriff’s Department in shutting down the dirty retail store. Officials seized a total of 24 burners and 4,334 pirated CDs.


June 26, 2008 – After months of work, investigators devised a plan to bust a raw material supplier. Posing as a delivery man, a Southern Region investigator was able to enter the warehouse. After offloading several pallets filled with blank CDRs and DVDRs, investigators were able to make their move. Investigators assisted the Atlanta PD in executing a search warrant. At the scene, officials were able to seize 21 burners, 14,525 CDRs, over 11,000 DVDRs, 168,000 DVD cases and 2,200 blank CDRs.


June 2008 – After two months of investigating, officials in St. Mary’s County busted the large counterfeit market. The RIAA Central Region worked alongside the MPAA and representatives from the clothing industry. The two-day raid resulted in officials arresting 20 counterfeit vendors, none of which were farmers. Each was charged with felony counts. Investigators helped officials seize approximately 10,000 counterfeit CDs. The estimated retail value of all the counterfeit products seized reached nearly $700,000.

New York

June 19, 2008 – Officials were able to find an apartment they had been searching for after a long investigation. After nearly three years of surveillance at the residence, investigators with the New York office discovered a way to locate what was inside. When investigators learned that the apartment building was up for sale, they immediately transformed into home shoppers. Investigators then made an appointment to see the property and found more than just a renovated space. During their walkthrough, investigators noticed a large manufacturing operation in the apartment’s basement. Their discovery was enough to give officials the opportunity to obtain and execute a search warrant. Officials were able to seize 67 burners, 2,512 DVDs and 113 pirated CDs.


June 29, 2008 – In the early morning hours of June 29, 2008, officials with the Fort Worth Vice and Zero Tolerance units executed a search warrant on the nightclub ‘Morning Club’. During their search, officials determined the owner had been a target of numerous narcotics investigations and was a convicted felon. Along with a handgun in the owner’s office, officers seized 12 burners and 600 pieces of CDRs/ DVDRs. To top things off, members of the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission cited the ‘Morning Club’ for the unlicensed and after-hours sale of alcohol.

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