U.S. Busts – March 2007

RIAA Anti-Piracy Seizure Information

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March 2007 – RIAA Investigators assisted the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. at a swap meet raid in Victorville, California. After officials discovered a store selling pirated music, they arrested the owner and took him into custody. In route to the station, the subject admitted to burning the CDs at his home. After consenting to a residential search, the man incriminated his brother for participating in the illegal activity. Officers later obtained a search warrant for his brother’s room and found 8 burners, 69 music CDRs, 120 blank CDRs, 200 music inserts and 9 movie DVDRs.


March 3, 2007 – Members of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to a fraudulent Florida Driver’s license complaint. The subject had used his ID to book a storage room. The space, however, was used for thousands of CDRs. The RIAA was notified about the storage facility and assisted the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office with the seizure. This resulted in the arrest of one subject and the seizure of 7,135 CDRs, Inserts, Jewel Cases and Blank CDRs.


March 26, 2007 – Investigators assisted the Atlanta Police Zone 4 in the execution of a search warrant. As expected, investigators found more than just a burner lab. Officials discovered two AK-47 Assault Riffles, one 9mm Ruger handgun and one .40 Talon handgun. Also seized at the retail store were 63 CD/ DVD burners, 4,375 pirate CDs, 3,800 DVDs, three plasma TVs and four laptops.


March 17, 2007 – Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s officers responded to a domestic disturbance call in Metairie, Louisiana. Sheriff’s deputies found more than they bargained for after entering the home. They discovered a movie and music bootlegging operation along with several thousand pirated DVDs and CDs. Officials believed the couple had gone door to door in East Jefferson selling the music and movies from their car. The pair also had multicolored business cards to help advertise their illegal products. Officers seized a total of 22 burners and 22,000 CDRs.


March 9, 2007 – Prince George’s County Police District IV, observed a subject attempting to sell illegal CDs from his suitcase. While on routine patrol at Iverson Mall, officers approached the subject. Before they could speak to the man, he took off in a sprint. The out-of-shape criminal did not last long on his feet and began to struggle with the officers. Officials finally placed the subject into custody found a .22 Caliber Revolver in his jacket pocket. He sustained several minor injuries and was later transported to a local hospital. Seized from the suitcases were 261 counterfeit CDs and 103 counterfeit DVDs.

New York

March 2007 – With the help of RIAA Investigators, the NYPD 84th Pct. discovered a hidden burner lab in the basement of a Brooklyn restaurant. After conducting an investigation, officials were able to secure a search warrant for the restaurant. During their search, investigators found more than they bargained for in the basement. On a wall lined with CDs, RIAA investigators noticed a slight separation in the wall. The crack opened a door into a hidden room. Officials pushed open the door and discovered a large burning lab with thousands of CDs and DVDs. Inside the subject’s hidden room, investigators also found an escape route. Unfortunately, the subject did not get a chance to use it and was placed under arrest. Officials seized a total of 166 burners from the basement, along with 6,800 pirate CDRs, 400 counterfeit CDRs, 1,100 music DVDRs and 14,200 MPAA/DVDRs.


March 2007 – Along with the Philadelphia PD, investigators conducted search warrants at three different locations. One residence and two retail stores served as a burner lab and distribution locations. The searches resulted in police and investigators seizing 144 CD/ DVD burners. Also confiscated were 3,500 counterfeit/ pirate CDRs and 9,000 counterfeit movie DVD-Rs. Among the products seized were 10 separate individual arrests.


March 31, 2007 – Investigators along with Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, followed up on undercover purchases made two weeks earlier. At the Northwest Flea Market, officials arrested a vendor for selling pirated/counterfeit CDRs. The total seized were 2,419 CDRs, 190 blank CDRs, 245 CDR sleeves, 21 slim colored jewel cases and one burner.

U.S. (Nationwide Bust)

March 6, 2007 – An FBI-led nationwide investigation led to criminal seizures and arrests taking place during a multi-state raid. On March 6, 2007, the investigations resulted in large seizures and the arrest of eight individuals. The subjects were arrested in New York, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware. The multistate, counterfeit goods trafficking ring, was involved in the distribution of counterfeit items such as clothing, music and movies. Along with his fellow conspirators, one suspect was operating a wholesale counterfeit clothing business under various names. He sold fake, brand-name goods at prices significantly lower than those charged by the holders of each trademark. Between December 21, 2004, and September 1, 2006, shipments resulted in deposits of over $19 million into a single account. Other agencies involved include Virginia State Police, Internal Revenue Service, United States Marshalls Service, Richmond, Virginia Police Department, Henrico, Virginia Police Department, Chesterfield County Police Department, Defense Criminal Investigative Service, US Attorney’s Office, Virginia Attorney Generals Office and Department of Justice, Criminal Division.

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