U.S. Busts – November 2005

RIAA Anti-Piracy Seizure Information

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November 5, 2005 – Investigators obtained a voluntary surrender of 2,386 counterfeit CD-Rs and 509 piratical DVDs from a vendor at the annual University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Homecoming game. The vendor initially claimed to be from Tennessee but a subsequent interview revealed that he is from the Atlanta area. The originating source of his product is a group of Asian vendors distributing counterfeit CD-Rs out of New York. The CDs were purchased at the Smiley Flea Market in Macon, Georgia and brought to Arkansas for sale.

November 2, 2005 – A Little Rock defendant was sentenced in the U.S. District Court to seven months in Federal prison, seven months of community incarceration, three years probation and ordered to pay $26,469 in restitution to the RIAA. This was the result of an August 2004 arrest and seizure of 4,000 counterfeit CD-Rs and eight CD-R burners.


November 2005 – law enforcement officials in the state of California assisted by RIAA, arrested and charged 56 offenders in connection with the seizure of 47,945 counterfeit and piratical CDs and CD-Rs.


November 17, 2005 – A Jacksonville man previously arrested with 4,000 piratical CD-Rs at the Norwood Flea Market in July of 2005, was sentenced to four years probation and ordered to pay $11,500 in restitution to the RIAA.

November 12, 2005 – RIAA investigators assisted members of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in a joint enforcement operation at the Wagon Wheel Flea Market in Pinellas Park. All three suspects at the scene were arrested with various charges and 6,659 piratical CD-Rs were seized.


November 17, 2005 – Members of the Atlanta Police Department received reports that drug activity was taking place on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Officers responded to the scene and upon arrival, they observed three individuals exit a black Ford Explorer and enter an unnamed store. The Officer approached the store to make contact with the individuals and observed in plain view, suspected counterfeit compact discs, DVDs and raw materials used to manufacture illegal compact discs. Members of the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit were notified and responded to the scene to identify the suspected illicit material and assist in processing. Seized from the store were 18 CD-R burners, 1,076 counterfeit compact discs, 1,454 counterfeit DVDs, 656 CD-R cases, 10,000 counterfeit labels, 1,200 blank CD-R, 200 blank DVD-R, 440 trays. All of the offenders were arrested and charged.

November 17, 2005 – The Atlanta Police Department made a covert purchase of illicit sound recordings at a suspected distribution location identified by members of the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit. The buy/bust, which occurred on Campbellton Road, resulted in the seizure of 23 CD-R burners, 21,018 counterfeit CD-Rs, 7,835 counterfeit movie DVDs, five commercial grade copiers and approximately 40,000 insert cards. Also seized as a result of this action were eight pounds of marijuana and one illegal handgun. Two suspects were arrested on the scene were and transported to central booking for further processing.

November 15, 2005 – The Atlanta Police Department assisted by the RIAA executed a plain view seizure at a distribution location on Cascade Road and arrested two suspects located on the premises. A total of 4,425 counterfeit CD-Rs and 2,201 counterfeit movie DVDs were seized.

November 9, 2005 – Based on intelligence developed by the Dekalb Police and confirmed with RIAA investigators, a search warrant was executed in Clarkson and two suspects were arrested. In total, 1,865 counterfeit CD-Rs and 449 counterfeit movie DVDs were seized.


November 26, 2005 – Multiple voluntary surrender agreements were served in a Chicago area known for the sale of illegal CD-Rs. Several street vendors surrendered a total of 1,112 counterfeit and piratical CD-Rs.

November 19, 2005 – RIAA investigators conducted voluntary surrender agreements on several street vendors on the 2700 block of Cermak Avenue in Chicago. Seized from the vendors were 1,476 counterfeit and piratical CD-Rs.


November 20, 2005 – Following a complaint regarding the Hazard Village Flea Market, RIAA investigators discovered a vendor selling counterfeit CD-Rs. The vendor was presented a voluntary surrender and 738 counterfeit CD-Rs and six DVDs were confiscated. An investigation is continuing as it is suspected that the suspect is burning the CD-Rs at his home.


November 21, 2005 – While investigating a report for breaking and entering at a retail store in Saginaw, police officers discovered illegal CDs, DVDs and other manufacturing material inside the store. The officers contacted local FBI agents who responded to the scene and observed what appeared to be thousands of counterfeit CD-Rs and DVD-Rs in the store. The suspect inside the store admitted to manufacturing, selling and distributing counterfeit music and movies and claims he did so on his own and was aware he was violating the law by doing so. The offender also stated that he has been at the location for over two years and sells the CDs for $2.00 and the movie DVDs for $2.50 at which point he was arrested and all of the materials were confiscated. The FBI contacted RIAA investigators and requested that they report to the Bay City FBI Office and confirm the counterfeit nature of the CD-Rs confiscated. Over a two-day period, RIAA investigators counted and confirmed the illegality of 9,480 counterfeit CD-Rs, 111 CD/DVD burners, 10,000 blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs and 1,380 counterfeit movie DVD-Rs. RIAA investigators first received information regarding this business selling illegal CD-Rs through an anonymous tip and made an undercover buy at the location prior to informing police of the illegal activity.

November 11, 2005 – A Muskegon man was arrested during a traffic stop after police observed several illegal CDs and DVDs inside his vehicle. Muskegon police requested that RIAA investigators report to the station to verify the evidence. Accompanied by an MPAA representative, investigators reported to the Muskegon police station and confirmed the illegality of 1,180 counterfeit and piratical CD-Rs and 1,146 counterfeit movie DVD-Rs. The suspect was charged accordingly.

November 1, 2005 – A Michigan CD/DVD manufacturer was arrested for a second time following a tip that lead police to a second store owned by the manufacturer in Kalamazoo. The suspect’s trial was about to begin for his first arrest but was put on hold so law enforcement could conduct a search warrant on his 2nd business. US Customs and Immigration enforcement agents confiscated 4,480 counterfeit and piratical CD-Rs, 658 counterfeit movie DVD-Rs and 28 CD-R burners from the business. The suspect was first arrested in May of 2005 when US Customs agents confiscated 4,772 counterfeit CD-Rs, 4,899 counterfeit movie DVD-Rs and 29 CD-R burners.

October 18, 2005 – A recidivist was arrested after Detroit police observed him with illegal CD-Rs. Officers confiscated 229 counterfeit CD-Rs from the suspect and secured a search warrant for the suspect’s home. Following his release, officers arrived at the suspect’s home to serve the warrant and witnessed the suspect moving manufacturing equipment from his home to his vehicle. The warrant was served and the officers recovered 10 CD/DVD-R burners, 300 blank CD-Rs, 292 blank DVD-Rs and 41 counterfeit movie DVD-Rs.


November 8, 2005 – A street vendor observed trying to sell counterfeit CDs was apprehended at the corner of MS Hwy16 and 39 in Dekalb. Police seized 484 counterfeit CD-Rs and 77 counterfeit movie DVDs. Subsequent to this seizure, another search was conducted at the suspect’s motel room and three CD-R burners and 750 assorted music and movie labels were seized.


November 15, 2005 – A Kansas City man was sentenced to five years in prison without parole for the sale and distribution of piratical product in Kansas City. The conviction against the defendant was the result of a concerted long-term investigation involving the RIAA, ICE and the Jackson County Narcotic Task Force. The sentence was an upward departure from the sentencing guidelines and he was also required to pay $8,110 in restitution as the result of an arrest in May of 2004. Seized at the time of his arrest were 344 counterfeit CD-Rs and 73 counterfeit movie DVDs.

New York

November 22, 2005 – Multiple enforcement actions were taken on Broadway in New York City by the New York Police Department’s Organized Crimes Investigations Division, with assistance from RIAA investigators. No suspects were arrested at the scene, however, 14,680 piratical CD-Rs, 4,420 counterfeit CD-Rs and 8,412 counterfeit movie DVD-Rs were seized.

November 15, 2005 – The New York State Police assisted by RIAA and MPAA investigators, executed a search warrant at a burner lab located in Rochester. As a result, 153 CD-R burners, 3,761 counterfeit CD-Rs, 3,761 piratical CD-Rs, 40,000 pieces of raw materials and $16,000 in US currency were seized. Also seized from this location were five handguns, 6,260 counterfeit movie DVDs and the discovery of a human skull. The suspect at the location was placed under arrest and the charges have yet to be determined.

North Carolina

November 5, 2005 – RIAA investigators assisted the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office and the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Division with an enforcement operation at Smiley’s Flea Market located in Henderson County. The market has been the subject of numerous complaints regarding the selling of unauthorized sound recordings. Seized during the raid were 7,832 counterfeit CD-Rs and six suspects were arrested.

November 2, 2005 – The Charlotte – Mecklenburg Police Department seized 1,038 piratical CD-Rs and 32 counterfeit movie DVDs from a retail cigar shop located in Charlotte. The owner of the store was charged in this matter.


November 29, 2005 – RIAA and MPAA investigators assisted the Fort Worth Police Department with the execution of a search warrant on Normandy Road. Officers seized approximately 1,000 counterfeit movie DVDs, 300 piratical CD-Rs and twelve CD-R burners from the residence. Charges are pending against the suspect.

November 29, 2005 – RIAA investigators assisted Fort Worth Police with the execution of a search warrant at a retail location inside the Lancaster Bazaar. Officers seized 2,044 piratical and counterfeit CD-Rs from the owner/operator. The owner was not arrested but charges are pending for violation of the Texas True Name and Address Statute.

November 21, 2005 – Two days after receiving anti-piracy training, patrol officers with the Mansfield Texas Police Department discovered links to a piracy operation during a traffic stop. Immediately thereafter, RIAA investigators assisted the detectives with a search warrant at a burner lab operating out of a rural residence and offsite storage unit. Seized from the suspect’s residence were 5,300 counterfeit movie DVD-Rs, 577 counterfeit CD-Rs and 19 CD-R Burners. An investigation into the suspect’s raw material supplier is underway and charges for violation of the state true name and address statute and possession of illegal weapons are expected.

November 20, 2005 – Members of the Dallas Police Department, assisted by RIAA and MPAA investigators seized 1,100 piratical CD-Rs and 1,500 counterfeit movie DVDs, and four CD-R burners from six vendors at the Kleberg Flea Market. Charges are pending for violation of the Texas True Name and Address Statute.

November 20, 2005 – The Austin Police Department, assisted by the RIAA, conducted plain view seizures from one distributor and eight vendors operating at the El Gran Mercado Flea Market. Seized from this enforcement action were a total of 19,974 piratical CD-Rs, 140 piratical music DVDs and 358 counterfeit movie DVDs. Charges will be filed at a later date for violation of the Texas True Name and Address Statute against the distributor and selected vendors. This incident was in response to complaints from local legitimate music retailers about the growing music piracy problem in Austin.

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