U.S. Busts – October 2007

RIAA Anti-Piracy Seizure Information

California | New York | North Carolina | Pennsylvania | South Carolina | Texas


October 4, 2007 – Along with the LAPD, investigators helped bust a major CD/ DVD lab and CD/DVD pick house. After officials developed the case based on raw product purchases, they executed a search warrant. Investigators were then able to seize 60 burners, 26,365 CD/ CDRs, 15,508 DVDs and other raw materials.

New York

October 2007 – After conducting surveillance at a location in New York, investigators followed a car to determine where the product was originating from. As the subject caught on to the tail, the creative criminal juices began to flow. Staking out the same location, officers noticed the car they had followed, now with a new license plate. Same driver, same car, new license number. With a new license on the same car, officers executed three search warrants. The car being tailed had picked up raw material from one location and dropped it off at others. At the first location, investigators found a substantial manufacturing operation. Officers were able to seize a total of 124 burners and 7,500 MPAA/DVDRs. The second location was a residence where the subjects had packaged their product. From there, they brought the product to the distribution location. Finally, the subjects were arrested at the distribution location. A total of 17,600 DVDRs, 400 music CDRs and 100 music videos on DVDRs were seized.

North Carolina

October 2007 – While investigating a narcotics location, officials uncovered people burning more than joints. Officers entered the location and noticed a strong odor of marijuana, permeating throughout the residence. After asking a female about the smell, she advised officials they had been smoking marijuana. During their search, officers discovered the residents had also been burning CDs. They noticed a large quantity of CDRs next to a computer with two burners attached. The owner was then arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and True Name and Address for the CDs. Officials were able to seize a total of 187 urban CDRs, along with two burners.


October 26, 2007 – The Philadelphia Police Department conducted an investigation at a residential location. During the surveillance, officers discovered a car parked near the side door of the residence. The driver entered the property through the front door. Moments later, he appeared at the side door loading boxes into his vehicle. As officials approached the driver, he fled back into the residence, securing the door behind him. While officers attempted to gain entry through the side door, the subject fled out of the rear entrance, ran up an alley and was caught within 50 yards of the residence. After placing the driver under arrest, officials secured the property and conducted a search. Officers discovered the ground floor was being utilized as a manufacturing facility. Uncovered were 130 burners, miscellaneous raw product and finished product. Officers also discovered a back room, separated from the front by a curtain. They were able to seize another 7,422 CDs, with a value of over $100,000. They also seized 368 music DVDs valued at over $7,000.

South Carolina

October 2007 – Investigators teamed with detectives from the Rock Hill Police Department, responding to a complaint at a storage facility. After a subject forgot to pay his storage unit bills, the facility cut the locks. When investigators responded to the scene, they immediately discovered 20,436 pirated CDRs. After an investigation into the payee, or non-payee for that matter, officials learned the owner had been the subject of several prior RIAA investigations. The subject had been previously convicted in South Carolina, and was currently paying the RIAA restitution.


October 2007 – When investigators teamed with Dallas Police Officers in a buy-bust operation, they uncovered more than CDs and DVDs. After securing the location, officers discovered guns and drugs. A handgun was found along with a shotgun, which was later confirmed to be stolen. The drug, marijuana, was found in three separate locations. A detained customer exiting the store was the first place officers found pot. They continued searching and found a small amount in the subject’s vehicle, along with the 1/4 pound on the subject himself. Officers also searched one suspect to retrieve the $30 for undercover purchases. Guess what else they found? That’s right, Mary Jane herself. Three small bags were found on the subject. As the search came to a close, officials were able to seize a total of 745 CDRs and 95 DVDs.

October 2007 – Investigators assisted the Fort Worth Police Department in executing a search warrant where infringing product had been purchased. Officials uncovered a burner lab along with hundreds of CDs, DVDs and counterfeit shoes. They were able to seize a total of 41 burners, 950 CDRs, 1355 DVDs, 100 raw CDRs, 2 televisions, 69 pairs of counterfeit Nike shoes and a shotgun. During the search, officials discovered the store owner was a repeat offender.

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