U.S. Busts – September 2002

RIAA Anti-Piracy Seizure Information

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September 8, 2002 – Responding to a member company lead, the detectives from the Birmingham, Alabama Police Department and RIAA Anti-Piracy investigators paid a visit to the Birmingham Heritage Festival in an effort to stop vendors selling suspect sound recordings. One vendor was arrested and 2,072 alleged counterfeit CD-Rs were seized, including recordings from Mary J. Blige and Yolanda Adams.


September 8, 2002 – A vendor stationed on the 400 block of East 12th Street in Los Angeles, CA voluntarily surrendered 520 alleged illicit CDs and CD-Rs to RIAA Anti-Piracy investigators.

September 5, 2002 – Search warrants were served at a Berkeley, California store by the Berkeley Police Department. RIAA Anti-Piracy investigators were tipped that the store was selling illegal bootlegs of popular touring acts such as Phish, Led Zeppelin and the Dave Matthews Band for prices ranging from $25 to $90 per show. 1,600 alleged bootleg CDs and CD-Rs were seized and an arrest warrant was issued for the store owner.


September 8, 2002 – A Mansfield, Connecticut flea market was the target of seizure actions by the Mansfield Police Department. One individual was arrested and 703 alleged counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs were seized.


September 25, 2002 – While investigating an overnight burglary at a local retail store, the Elsmere, Delaware Police Department discovered piratical material on the premises. A search warrant was later issued and with the assistance of RIAA investigators, 711 alleged counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs were identified. Also seized were a computer and an 8-speed CD-R burner. Charges are currently pending.


September 25, 2002 – Based on numerous complaints of people being able to buy large quantities of unauthorized CD-Rs at the Bankhead Flea Market in Atlanta, the Atlanta Police Department, assisted by the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit, executed a search warrant at the location. A total of 98,364 alleged counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs were seized from one booth, which was a distribution point for a manufacturing location. Discs were being sold for $1.50 each. One suspect was arrested and charged with the criminal reproduction and sale of recorded material.

September 5, 2002 – A Georgia man stopped for driving with an expired tag was found with 3,000 alleged counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs in the bed of his pickup truck. The traffic stop occurred in LaGrange, Georgia at the 21-mile marker of I-85 South. Officers of the Georgia State Police observed an open box of compact discs in the vehicle, and a consent search revealed the unauthorized sound recordings. The RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit was called upon to help identify the illicit product, which included works from Kid Rock and Bob Marley.


September 14, 2002 – Members of the St. Mary’s County Sheriffs Office and representatives of the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit conducted plain view seizures of counterfeit compact discs being sold at the Charlotte Hall Flea Market located in Southern Maryland. Five vendors were arrested and over 1,200 units were seized. Further investigation revealed that one of the vendors arrested was likely manufacturing at his residence. A search and seizure warrant obtained for the suspect’s residence and vehicle netted 450 units of finished product, one CD-R tower with 5 burner positions, two-color copiers, paper cutters and miscellaneous packaging materials.


September 24, 2002 – The Detroit, Michigan Police Department carried out a plain view seizure at a West Warren Avenue business location. The retail store had been suspected of selling illicit compilation recordings. 903 alleged pirate CD-Rs were seized from the retail store. The store owner was arrested and charged with state True Name and Address violations.

New Jersey

September 22, 2002 – During a street survey of the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, members of the Atlantic City Police Department and the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit identified several vendors selling suspect product. Despite facing possible crowd control problems, authorities managed to arrest three vendors. All three individuals were charged with violation of New Jersey’s Anti-Piracy Act.

September 11, 2002 – Members of the Camden, New Jersey Police Department and the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit conducted a raid of street vendors, concentrating their efforts on vendor locations on South Broadway, State and Harrison Streets. The enforcement action was in response to Bad Beat calls from local retailers regarding vendors soliciting in the area. The street sweep netted the seizure of 2,027 alleged counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs. In addition, authorities impounded a van abandoned by fleeing suspects. A total of six individuals were arrested and charged with music piracy violations.

New York

September 26, 2002 – A search warrant was executed by 033 Precinct of the NYPD with the assistance of members of the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit, which resulted in one arrest and seizure of 9,200 alleged unauthorized sound recordings. The West 172 Street location was supplying the vendors in the upper Manhattan area. The following is a list of artists which were seized from the location: Jerry Rivera, Cristian, Chayanne, Marco Antonio Solis, Conjunto Primavera, Manny Manuel, Enrique Iglesias, Mana, Jennifer Pena, and Thalia.

September 26, 2002 – Two search warrants were executed on 165 Street and Jamaica Ave in the borough of Queens by the 103rd Precinct of the NYPD. With assistance of RIAA investigators, 24,680 suspect sound recordings were seized and five individuals were arrested. The following artists’ recordings were found at the scene: Nelly, Ja Rule, Mario, P.Diddy, Romeo, DMX, Brandy, Mary J. Blige. All five subjects were charged with Trademark Counterfeiting and Failure to Disclose the Origin of a Recording.

September 5, 2002 – Members of the NYPD and RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit executed a search warrant at a Bronx grocery store and arrested two individuals. Authorities suspected that the East 149 Street location was serving as a distribution point for unauthorized sound recordings. 600 alleged counterfeit CD-Rs were seized. The case is currently pending in a Bronx criminal court.


September 19, 2002 – The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department, assisted by members of the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit, executed two search warrants at an Oklahoma City music and clothing store. Seized were 9,200 alleged pirate CD-Rs, 12 CD-R burners and two cassette duplicating machines, as well as new mixing equipment that was used to modify some of the piratical music. Artist recordings consisting of Mary J. Blige, Jermaine Dupri, Bubba Sparxxx, Eminem, Alicia Keys, Too Short, Nelly and NAS were represented. Charges against the store’s owner are pending.


September 25, 2002 – In a Philadelphia courtroom, Keith Munson pled guilty to Trademark Counterfeiting and Unauthorized Transfer of Sounds. Munson was arrested by the Philadelphia Police Department back in July for the sale of counterfeit CD-Rs. A total of 31 counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs were confiscated. A sentencing date has yet to be scheduled.

September 19, 2002 – Ibrahim Samba of Philadelphia, PA pled guilty to deceptive business practices and was sentenced to two years probation for the sale of illicit sound recordings. The Philadelphia Police Department seized 158 counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs from Mr. Samba in February of this year. Recordings from artists such as 2Pac, DMX, Olivia and Toni Braxton were confiscated by authorities during the enforcement action.

September 18, 2002 – The Philadelphia Police Department arrested a vendor at a cash checking store on Monument Avenue. RIAA Anti-Piracy investigators had identified the store as engaging in the sale of counterfeit sound recordings. Authorities confiscated 407 alleged counterfeit CD-Rs and 160 alleged counterfeit cassettes. The suspect was charged with trademark counterfeiting and the unauthorized transfer of sounds.

September 10, 2002 – While on patrol in the vicinity of 5600 N. Broad Street, the Philadelphia Police Department observed a man selling suspicious compact discs. 139 alleged pirate and counterfeit CD-Rs were seized and the suspect arrested and charged with unauthorized copying and trademark counterfeiting. The vendor was offering recordings of artists such as Irv Gotti, Trina, the Whispers, Jay-Z.

September 8, 2002 – A vendor at the York County Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania was arrested for manufacturing and selling CD-Rs. The compact discs were being burned on the spot in the back of a nearby rental truck. The York County Police Department seized 1,001 pirate CD-Rs, one scanner, one printer, one copier and miscellaneous raw materials from the vehicle and vendor booth. The suspect was charged with the unauthorized transfer of sound and deceptive business practices.

September 7, 2002 – Responding to a radio call concerning an individual selling suspect product at Jerry’s Corner Flea Market, the 12th District of the Philadelphia Police arrived at the scene and seized 257 alleged counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs from a vendor. A sampling of artists included B2K, Mary J. Blige, Eminem and Earth Wind & Fire. The suspect was arrested and charged with unauthorized copying and trademark counterfeiting.

September 3, 2002 – A vendor soliciting CDs for $5 approached plain-clothes officers of the Philadelphia Police Department patrolling the 600 block of North Delaware Avenue. The individual and his accomplice were taken into custody and 675 alleged counterfeit and pirate CD-Rs were confiscated from their possession. A sampling of seized recordings includes works from Keith Sweat, Cam’ron and Amerie.


September 15, 2002 – Members of the Grand Prairie Police Department were dispatched to Trader’s Village Flea Market in Grand Prairie, Texas. Upon arrival, they found flea market security personnel detaining an individual for the sale of pirated sound recordings on the premises. The officers seized 322 alleged counterfeit CD-Rs and arrested the suspect for violation of Texas’ True Name and Address statute.

September 12, 2002 – Patrol officers with the Grand Prairie, Texas Police Department arrested a street vendor for violation of Texas’ True Name and Address statute. The suspect was soliciting pirate and counterfeit CD-Rs on the 1700 block of S. Belt Line Road. Officers seized a total of 171 alleged illicit sound recordings.

September 4, 2002 – While investigating complaints of music piracy in the vicinity of 1800 North Moore Street in Arlington County, the Virginia Police Department and RIAA Anti-Piracy investigators observed a vendor engaged in the sale of suspected counterfeit compact discs. 926 alleged counterfeit CD-Rs were seized, and the suspect was placed under arrest and charged with four counts of True Name and Address violations.

September 4, 2002 – Members of the Houston Police Department’s Asian Crime Task Force and the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit executed search warrants at two retail locations in Houston, Texas. 1,454 alleged pirate CD-Rs were seized from the two stores. Additionally, members of the Westminster, California Police Department, seized thousands of suspect karaoke DVDs. The raid was the result of an ongoing investigation of a counterfeit DVD manufacturing ring in California. Charges against the owners of the stores are pending.

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