U.S. Busts – September 2007

RIAA Anti-Piracy Seizure Information

Alabama | California | Connecticut | Georgia | South Carolina


September 2007 – A suspect was pulled over by officers from the Hoover, AL Police Department for having too dark tint on his windows. It was then that officers uncovered much more. The driver also had a suspended license. As officers took inventory of the car during their impound procedure, they discovered 146 pirated CDRs and 599 pirated DVDRs. But wait…there’s more! As the search continued, officers also found 35 bags of marijuana. Just as officers had placed their tinted window suspended license-pirated CD seller-pot smoker into custody, they discovered even more at his residence. When officers went to the subject’s home, they found several hundred pirated movies and a 6 unit CD/DVD burner. Officials were finally able to seize a total of 6 burners, 146 pirated CDRs and 599 pirated DVDRs.

September 6, 2007 – During the SWAC Football Classic at Legion Field, investigators searched for vendors selling pirated CDs. As officials surveyed the outside of the event, they found no vendors engaged in the sale of illicit products. Inside, however, investigators found more than just beer vendors working the crowd. While surveying inside the venue, investigators identified one vendor selling illicit product to the fans. Officers with the Birmingham Police arrested the suspect and were able to seize 297 urban CDRs.


September 2007 – Along with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, investigators assisted in raiding a swap meet in Oakland, CA. Officials were able to make eight arrests at the swap meet. Seized from the location were also a total of 5,265 pressed Latin CDs.


September 4, 2007 – New York investigators assisted the New Britain Police Department in the execution of a search warrant and helped close down a music store/burner lab. During the search, officials discovered and seized 60 burners, 15,848 CDRs, 500 music DVDs and boxes of assorted raw material.


September 11, 2007 – Members of the Fulton County Police Department responded to the report of gunshots in the area. As officers arrived at the scene, their hands were quickly full with a robbery in progress. Officials were able to grab the two robbery suspects and place them into custody. It was then determined that officials had killed two birds with one stone. The suspects were not only robbers, however, they also sold counterfeit CDs and DVDs. Officials notified RIAA investigators of their discovery. Investigators arrived to assist in the seizure of all counterfeit goods. On the scene, they counted the CDs, took photos of the evidence and stored it all at the Fulton County Police Department. Both suspects were later charged and taken into custody. One of which was taken to the local hospital for injuries he suffered during the robbery attempt. Officials were able to come away with 2,800 CDRs and 1,789 DVDs.

South Carolina

September 2007 – A pair of counterfeit shoes opened up a huge case for officials in Ballentine, SC. While investigators were unloading a storage facility, they observed a man doing the same at a nearby storage unit. One of the investigators noticed something familiar about the boxes the man was carrying. He recognized the boxes to be those that normally contained counterfeit NIKE shoes. They later notified the Richland County Sheriff’s Department to investigate further. Officials were able to obtain a search warrant on the storage unit. During the search, officers were stunned to find several hundred thousand dollars in counterfeit shoes. It was also determined that the subject was a prior felon with an extensive criminal history. Officers discovered the boxes were originally shipped to Newberry, SC and notified their officials. After setting up surveillance, the Newberry City Police Department and Newberry County Sheriff’s Department contacted the owner of the residence. The subject gave officials consent to search the property. As officers searched the property, they found stores set up to sell counterfeit shoes and music. Inside a large step van, the subject had isles lined with boxes of counterfeit music CDs and DVDs. Officials were able to seize a total of 6,395 CDs, 1,273 cassettes, 3 burners and thousands of counterfeit clothes and shoes.

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