Why Your Auction was Removed at eBay

Here are some common reasons why auctions are removed: 1.  The auction infringes upon the copyright of the artist and is a bootleg. Most artists have contractual agreements with legitimate record companies. If your product is from another company, it may be illegal product. You can easily check if your product is legitimate by visiting AllMusic. Another way to determine if your product is a bootleg is to quickly research it using a search engine like Google. Key in the name of the artist and you will discover websites devoted to the artist or group. Remember, it is your responsibility to know what you sell in your auction. 2.  The auction may contain promotional only product. If your product contains wording like “For Promotional Use Only, Not for Sale” it means just that: these items were never intended for sale. We only remove these auctions at the request of the artists. Some artists are offended that others will attempt to make a profit at their expense when they originally intended to promote their music for free. Some artists insist we remove all their ‘promo only’ product, while other artists don’t seem to mind at all. It’s up to the artists to decide how they conduct their careers (and not us or you). Please respect their wishes. We are often asked for lists of the specific artists we represent but the list is in a constant state of flux. Daily we add and subtract artists from our lists. If you want to play it safe, do not list any promotional product. This way, you won’t have to constantly contend with being suspended and having non-stop headaches with us about your account status. You may also not include “free bonus” items that are not allowed to be sold in the first place. 3.  The product may not be officially release yet. You are not allowed to sell any music product before its legal release date. You are allowed to run your auction and may take pre-orders, but you must not ship the product until its legal release date. This must be clearly stated in your auction. It is your job to find out the release dates for your product because you cannot legally engage in “unfair competition” with other merchants. 4.  We may have made a mistake in removing your auction. If you think that we have erred, please write back to us, and give us the name of the product, the record label information, the title and any other information you believe will enable us to assist you. Please be certain you have checked that the record label listed on your product is legitimate (see number 1 above). In the future, please try to be more informative with your auction descriptions so that we can avoid misunderstandings. If you are sending us tips and leads about other sellers, please accept our thanks and be assured that we will investigate your claim. Everybody is treated in a fair manner, and we do our best to remove all infringing auctions.
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